Weekly Income Compensation: related entitlements

Weekly Income Compensation may impact on access to some other entitlements.

Retirement Lump Sum

As a veteran, you’ll qualify for this one-off support payment if you meet all these:

  • turned 65 on or after 7 December 2014
  • have assets below a certain amount
  • had at least 10 years’ payment of Weekly (Income) Compensation, Veteran’s Pension, War Veteran’s Allowance, War Service Pension or Economic Pension.

Veteran's Pension (external link)

You can apply for Veteran’s Pension if you:

Relation to Weekly Income Compensation

You can’t usually get both Weekly Income Compensation and Veteran’s Pension. But you may have a limited period where you can get either (sometimes both)—if you:

  • meet the requirements for both; and
  • first qualified for Weekly Income Compensation at, or over, 63.

Advantages of Weekly Income Compensation

Weekly Income Compensation may have these advantages over Veteran’s Pension:

  • generally higher rate
  • access to rehabilitation.

Advantages of Veteran’s Pension

Veteran’s Pension may have these advantages over Weekly Income Compensation:

  • ability to include partner in payments
  • potential access to further Work & Income support (such as Accommodation Supplement or Disability Allowance).

It has further advantages if you:

  • are a New Zealand resident; and
  • have whole-person impairment of at least 52%, or War Disablement Pension of at least 70%.

Those advantages are

  • automatic entitlement to Community Services Card for your partner (if New Zealand resident)
  • lump-sum payment to you on death of your partner, if they’ve been granted Veteran’s Pension
  • lump-sum payment to your partner or family on your death.

Funeral Expenses

Your Weekly Income Compensation—or Veteran’s Pension, Supported Living Payment or New Zealand Superannuation—may entitle family to this help on your death, if other conditions are met.

Children's Bursary

Your Weekly Income Compensation (or Veteran’s Pension) may entitle your children to this study payment, if other conditions are met. 

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