Weekly Income Compensation

If you’re a New Zealand veteran and can’t work full-time because of injury or illness, you may qualify for this entitlement. It usually gives support through both income and rehabilitation—to help you return to work if and when able.



You must have served in one of these situations:

  • before 1 April 1974
  • with Civilian Surgical Team in Qui Nhon (Viet Nam) before 31 March 1975
  • with 41 Squadron in Viet Nam, before 21 April 1975.

You may qualify for (Scheme Two) Weekly Compensation instead, if you:

Ability to work

You must be unable to work full-time because of injury or illness (needn’t be service-related).


You must usually be under 65. At, or over, 65 you can only apply if you haven’t already had Weekly Income Compensation.


Application form (Weekly Income Compensation) [PDF, 667 KB] sets out what you must send us. This includes a medical certificate—we’ll reimburse the cost, if you:

  • live in New Zealand when applying; and
  • send us the invoice from the appointment.

We may ask you for more information—this could include having vocational, occupational or further medical assessments. Because of this, you must let us know if you plan to leave the country you’re living in, for any period.

Getting paid

Weekly Income Compensation is paid fortnightly within New Zealand; 4-weekly overseas.

Payment rate for Weekly Income Compensation is set at 80% of the average weekly wage, but we deduct:

  • income tax
  • Kiwisaver
  • ACC payments
  • Child Support
  • Student Loan
  • civil orders.

Payments are also reduced for any part-time earnings.

Recipients of Weekly Income Compensation may also be eligible to receive a Community Services Card.

Find out more about the Community Services Card on the Work and Income site (external link)

Getting ACC or Social Welfare


If you’re on ACC income-replacement, Weekly Income Compensation is paid only as a top-up (to meet what you’d get from Weekly Income Compensation alone).

If you’re declined by ACC, you may still qualify for Weekly Income Compensation.

Social Welfare

While on Weekly Income Compensation, you can’t get Social Welfare benefits (such as Accommodation Supplement, Disability Allowance, Child Disability Allowance, Childcare Assistance).

Taking part in rehabilitation

Working toward rehabilitation is a condition of getting Weekly Income Compensation, unless we accept you’re unable to. Your rehabilitation responsibilities include:

  • working with us to set up a vocational rehabilitation plan
  • engaging fully in vocational rehabilitation
  • attending assessments arranged for you (including vocational reassessment around every 6 months).

Ongoing entitlement

If granted, Weekly Income Compensation is paid from the day we got your application. Entitlement ends in the following situations.


Entitlement ends if any of these happen:

  • you earn more than the average weekly wage from part-time work
  • you return to full-time work
  • you become able to return to full-time work (but once assessed as such, you’ll have a notice-period before payments stop).

Superannuation age

At age 65, entitlement:

  • will usually cease; but
  • may be able to continue for a limited period if you first became entitled at or over 63.

If you first qualified at (or over) 65, entitlement will be for a limited period only.

Failure to meet responsibilities

We may suspend or cancel entitlement if you fail to meet your Weekly Income Compensation responsibilities. These include:

  • giving us relevant information
  • taking part in rehabilitation-related activities, as required.

Other reasons to stop payment

Entitlement ceases immediately if any of these happen:

  • you get a social welfare benefit
  • you go into prison
  • you pass away.

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