War Disablement Pension

War Disablement Pension is a payment for service-related injury or illness. As it was an entitlement under our former Act, it's no longer granted.

But you may still have a War Disablement Pension that was granted under that Act. 


Payment of War Disablement Pension is fortnightly within New Zealand, 4-weekly to overseas accounts.

Entitlement & support

Your existing War Disablement Pension may continue for so long as you remain entitled. While on it, you can't get:

  • existing injuries or illnesses reassessed
  • new injuries or illnesses included in your pension.

But new injuries or illnesses, if service-related, can qualify for:

Relation to Disablement Pension

Qualifying for Disablement Pension

Disablement Pension is an impairment payment for:

  • veterans with injuries or illnesses linked to Scheme One service (in Viet Nam, or before 1 April 1974)
  • veterans on War Disablement Pension, who wish to transfer.

Transferring to Disablement Pension

You can transfer your accepted injuries or illnesses to Disablement Pension. You may also be able to include new service-related injuries or illnesses.

Transferring from War Disablement Pension [PDF, 88 KB] to Disablement Pension:

  • won’t normally reduce your existing support; but
  • may, in specific situations, affect entitlement for your family.

If your existing support, or your family’s entitlement, could be reduced by you transferring, we’ll discuss with you first.

To transfer to Disablement Pension, you can:

Qualifying for Scheme Two entitlement

Qualifying Operational Service [PDF, 230 KB] post-31 March 1974 is Scheme Two service. New injuries or illnesses linked to Scheme Two service:

Terminal illness or injury

You can apply for terminal entitlement [PDF, 382 KB] if your accepted illness or injury becomes terminal (impairment level need not have changed).

Terminal entitlement is paid as either War Disablement Pension at maximum rate, or Terminal Lump Sum. The lump-sum option gives you:

  • one-off payment, worth 12-months’ War Disablement Pension at maximum rate; then
  • War Disablement Pension again, at maximum rate, if you survive the 12-month period. 

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