Support for veterans (Scheme Two)

Ways we may be able to support you, if you have:

You must check with ACC too, to see if they'll cover your service-related injury or illness. If our payment's higher than ACC's, we'll pay the difference.

Weekly Compensation

Weekly Compensation (Veteran) compensates for lost income, if you can’t work from service-related injury or illness. There's a treatment and rehabilitation focus, to help you return to work when ready and able. Rate of payment is:

  • based on a percentage of your earnings before you had to stop work; but
  • at least 80% of the average wage.

Permanent Impairment Compensation

Permanent Impairment Compensation is a payment for permanent service-related injury or illness, with payment rate based on severity of the condition. There are two types:

  • Independence Allowance (if your injury or illness happened before 1 April 2002)
  • Lump Sum Payment for Permanent Impairment (if your injury or illness happened on or after 1 April 2002).

Financial Advice

If you get at least $15,000 in Lump Sum Payment for Permanent Impairment, you can also get funding for advice from an authorised financial adviser. We’ll pay up to $1,500 towards this.

Retirement Lump Sum

Retirement Lump Sum can be claimed if you’ve had income compensation from us for at least 10 years before turning 65. It’s an asset-tested contribution to your retirement, and recognises the difficulty you may have had saving for retirement.

Treatment, Rehabilitation, Independence


 Treatment may be funded for your service-related condition. You’ll usually need our pre-approval, but we may pay for emergency treatment without pre-approval.


 Rehabilitation services (social or vocational) may be funded if:

  • they’re for your service-related condition; and
  • we’ve assessed you as needing them.


Medical travel can be funded, for treatment or rehabilitation of your service-related condition.

Veterans’ Independence Programme

Veterans’ Independence Programme may be able to help you stay independent in your own home. Services are based on your needs, and don’t have to be tied to a service-related condition.

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