Veterans' Independence Programme

If you're a veteran needing help to stay independent in your home, this programme may be able to help.

Qualifying veterans

To access the programme, you must have qualifying service:

 You must also:

  • need this support to stay independent at home; and
  • live at home (you’ll stop getting this help if you move out of home for good—for example, into a rest home).

Contact us to discuss whether the programme will meet your needs.


When you go onto the programme, we’ll talk with you about your needs and identify services to help you live independently.


The programme may be able to help with your travel, through:

Other services

The programme may also be able to help with costs of:

  • adaptive clothing and footwear
  • home adaptations (for ramps or rails)
  • home help (such as housework)
  • home and section upkeep
  • medical alarms
  • short-term attendant care (such as basic foot care including nail clipping).

There are some limits to what we’ll pay. For a large house or property, for example, we may not be able to pay the full upkeep costs. In deciding what to pay we must treat all veterans equally. 

A case manager can talk to you about options.

Service providers

Some services, such as gardening, have been contracted to specific providers under a master agreement.

For some other services you can currently choose your provider, or Veterans’ Affairs can arrange one for you.

Spouses & partners

If you enter a hospice, or hospital care, your partner may be able to keep getting your services.

If you pass away, and were living at home then, your spouse or partner may be able to keep your services. This would be for up to 12 months, as needed.

More information

One-page summary

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  • Aids & appliances: to help restore your independence
  • Rehabilitation: to support you back to social or vocational independence
  • Reviews: if you disagree with a decision about whether you qualify
  • Complaints: if you're unhappy with our assessment of your needs, or with the services you’re getting or not getting

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