Travel Allowance

If you're a veteran with significant impairment, Travel Allowance may be able to help you meet day-to-day travel needs. It's an allowance to help with the extra costs you may have for errands such as shopping.

It's under the Veterans' Independence Programme, which supports severely impaired veterans to stay independent in their homes.

Qualifying veterans

To get Travel Allowance, you must be on one of these (permanently, or for the last 3 years continuously):

One of these must also apply:

  • some of that pension or compensation is for loss of at least part of a limb
  • you’re totally blind
  • you’re medically assessed as unfit to travel alone.

Assessment of needs

You must also be assessed as needing Travel Allowance. We’ll assess you as needing it if you have to meet extra travel costs so as to:

  • do day-to-day errands (such as shopping and paying bills); and
  • stay independent in your home.

Payment of allowance

Travel Allowance gives you:

  • $25.41 per fortnight (paid fortnightly within New Zealand, 4-weekly if overseas)
  • help with costs of a travel escort, if you need one.

Other support

Veterans’ Independence Programme may be able to give help (where needed) with these things too:

More information

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Relevant legislation