If you’re a New Zealand veteran with an illness or disability, we may be able to help your rehabilitation. This can mean helping you with:

  • Social Rehabilitation (regaining as much independence as you can)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation (finding or staying in work, or becoming able to work again).

You don’t have to live in New Zealand to get rehabilitation.

Qualifying & applying


You can get rehabilitation for an injury or illness linked to:

You can also get rehabilitation for a non service-related injury or illness if:


To seek rehabilitation of your injury or illness, you should first either:

Assessing your needs

If you have a qualifying injury or illness, we'll assess whether you need rehabilitation for it.

Social needs

To get Social Rehabilitation, you must be assessed as needing it.

Vocational needs

To get Vocational Rehabilitation, you must be assessed as needing it, and one of these must apply:

  • you qualify for Weekly (Income) Compensation, or qualify except for the age requirements
  • you'd likely qualify for Weekly (Income) Compensation, if rehabilitation were denied
  • you're on parental leave.

Needs met by another organisation

If you get rehabilitation from another organisation, we won’t offer further rehabilitation for needs that are already fully covered. We may fund a top-up, if:

  • your rehabilitation needs aren’t fully met by rehabilitation you’re already getting; and
  • the top-up won’t hinder rehabilitation you’re already getting.

Getting rehabilitation

Planning your rehabilitation

If we’re managing your rehabilitation, we’ll draw up a rehabilitation plan setting out:

  • what your rehabilitation needs are
  • which services may meet those needs
  • what assessments you should have
  • what we’ll fund.

Funding your rehabilitation

We’ll do all we reasonably can to help you regain your pre-injury independence, as far as you can. In deciding what to fund, we’ll take into account:

  • likely impact on your health
  • your living situation
  • where the services are, and where you are
  • what’s reasonable for us to do, and what’s reasonable to expect you to do.

Finding out more

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