Hearing aids & appliances

As a New Zealand veteran, you may be able to get our help for hearing aids or appliances.

Qualifying for help

Veterans who qualify

To get this help, you must have:

Items we can help with

We may help with cost of these items:

  • standard hearing aids up to $900 per aid (excl. GST)
  • over-scale aids up to $2,000 per aid (excl. GST), for profound hearing loss
  • batteries (through battery allowance)
  • consumables, such as wax guards
  • tinnitus maskers
  • ear moulds & ear impressions
  • hearing accessories, such as remote controls
  • cellphone for the hearing impaired, and assistive hearing devices such as amplified telephones.

We don't fund:

  • cochlear implants
  • smart phones or tablets used as remotes or microphones
  • phones with dual handset; answer machines; emergency alerts
  • hearing dogs
  • assistive hearing devices such as audio ports—unless you're being supplied with them instead of hearing aids.

If you've profound hearing loss, we may help with loan cost of a Captel phone.

Services we can help with

We can help with costs of these services:

  • assessments & fittings
  • ear wax removal.

Getting your hearing aids

When we accept your hearing-related condition, we'll:

  • arrange your hearing test, and let the audiologist know your social and vocational situation
  • discuss with you expected outcomes (after getting audiologist’s report, and determining the aids you should get).

The audiologist will:

  • give you a 4-week trial of the aids
  • adjust the aids as needed, and have you trial them again
  • have you trial other aids as needed
  • set up an Individual Care Plan for you to sign, when you’re happy with the aids.

Repairing & replacing your aids

Please insure your aids—we won’t replace an aid lost, even in the trial period. We don’t fund repair or replacement of:

  • neglected or misused aids
  • spare or back-up aids
  • smart devices or aids that malfunction from being connected together.


We may help with costs of:

  • repairs & maintenance of aids you got through us, after warranty expires
  • certain minor repairs that don't affect the warranty.

Don’t take your aids back to the manufacturer. Your audiologist will help arrange repairs.


Your hearing aids should last 6 years. We’ll only fund earlier replacement if:

  • your hearing's deteriorated severely
  • your aids can’t be mended or adjusted at reasonable cost
  • you now need different hearing aids for work.

We won’t replace an aid lost, even in the trial period.

Finding out more


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