Case management

Our dedicated team of case managers work one-on-one with veterans to help them with their health and social needs. The service is free, and our case managers are experienced professionals with an understanding of the issues veterans face.

Your case manager will help you get the health and social services you need to ensure personal independence and best quality of life. Your case manager will work with other organisations on your behalf, to ensure you get those services.

Case managers are there to serve veterans who, as a result of their service, need support to manage everyday needs. Case managers also help families of veterans, affected by their parent's, spouse's or partner's service.

Who can have a case manager

Case management is available to:

  • all veterans with qualifying service
  • partners, ex partners, and children of Viet Nam & Operation Grapple veterans, who need counselling
  • children with Spina Bifida, Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, Adrenal Gland Cancer, Cleft Lip or Cleft Palate, whose veteran parent served in Viet Nam or Operation Grapple.

Who can refer a veteran for case management

We will accept referrals from any source.

What the case manager’s role is

The case manager acts as the main point of contact for the veteran and their family. They facilitate rehabilitation, as well as financial and other kinds of support and services. They liaise with other organisations on the veteran’s behalf and coordinate the delivery of these services.

Case managers work with veterans to develop ways to both improve and maintain quality of life. The veteran is welcome to have family members involved if they wish.

 Case managers can assist the veteran with queries about making a claim. But they're entirely separate from the decision-making process, to ensure it's fair and impartial—so can't advocate for the veteran.

If you want to change case manager

If a veteran is unhappy with their case manager, they can contact the case managers’ team leader. They will need to outline why they want to change case manager.

The Code of Veterans’ and Other Claimants’ Rights helps ensure we give high standard of services. It:

  • outlines how clients must be kept up to date on the progress of their applications
  • sets out veterans' rights, and our obligations in dealing with veterans
  • sets out procedure for addressing any potential breaches of the Code
  • explains clients' right to review of a decision made under the Code, about a complaint.

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