Rates for other awards & allowances

Payment rates from 1 April 2017 for:

Battery Allowance

Battery Allowance is paid fortnightly within New Zealand (4-weekly overseas) but calculated as a weekly entitlement. 

Type of health aidWeekly amount
One hearing aid (monaural) NZD$1.08
Two hearing aids (binaural) NZD$2.19

Motor Vehicle Grant

Motor Vehicle Grant is a one-off payment.


Amount ($)

Grant for Total Lower Body Impairment


Grant for Severe Lower Body Impairment


Fitting Controls Grant


Retirement Lump Sum

Retirement Lump Sum is a one-off payment.

Your circumstancesThreshold amount ($)
Couple without a house or vehicle 311,450.16
Single with or without a house or vehicle 519,083.61
Couple with either a house or vehicle 519,083.61

Clothing allowance

Your circumstancesWeekly amount ($)
Loss of two limbs or parts of two limbs 23.73
Loss of leg or part of leg 22.90
Loss of arm or part or arm 16.59
Needing to use a mechanical appliance Up 16.59
Soiling of clothing 16.59

Travel Allowance


Rate ($) 

Travelling Allowance


UK Gallantry Awards

The Decorations Allowance is calculated as a weekly entitlement and paid:

  • fortnightly within New Zealand, and
  • 4-weekly overseas.

It is available for recipients of United Kingdom Gallantry Awards only.


Weekly Rate ($)

Decorations Allowance