Rates for Disablement Pension

Disablement Pension is calculated as a weekly entitlement and paid:

  • fortnightly within New Zealand, and
  • 4-weekly overseas.

Rates from 1 April 2018:

Weekly payment rate

Your impairment percentage determines how much you will receive weekly.

Your impairment percentageWeekly payment amount
5-7% NZD$11.18
8-12% NZD$22.35
13-17% NZD$33.52
18-22% NZD$44.69
23-25% NZD$55.87
26-30% NZD$67.04
31-32% NZD$78.21
33-37% NZD$89.38
38-41% NZD$100.56
42-47% NZD$111.73
48-49% NZD$122.90
50% NZD$134.07
51% NZD$145.25
52-54% NZD$156.42
55-57% NZD$167.59
58-61% NZD$178.77
62-66% NZD$189.94
67% NZD$201.12
68-74% NZD$212.28
75% NZD$223.46
76% NZD$234.63
77% NZD$245.81
78% NZD$256.97
79% NZD$268.15
80% NZD$279.32
81% NZD$301.66
82% NZD$324.01
83% NZD$346.35
84% NZD$368.71
85-100% NZD$393.28

You may be temporarily paid at maximum rate if you need treatment that requires you to take leave or live away from home for at least one day a week.

If you have a terminal condition

If your illness or injury becomes terminal you will either:

  • be paid at the┬ámaximum rate, or
  • get a one-time payment worth 12 months of the maximum rate.

If you take the one-time payment and survive longer than 12 months you will continue to receive a Disablement Pension at your weekly amount.