Funeral expenses

When a New Zealand veteran has passed away, we may be able to help with funeral costs. The veteran need not be living in New Zealand at time of death, but must have qualifying service—that is:

Situations that qualify

Death due to qualifying service

We may help with funeral costs where death is due to qualifying service.

Death not due to qualifying service

Where death isn’t service-related, we may help with funeral costs if certain conditions are met. The veteran must have been getting, at time of death, one of:

The veteran must also have left surviving family who qualify for one of:

Costs you can claim

If another government agency, such as ACC, NZDF or Work and Income, has made a funeral grant, you can still apply to us. We’ll take account of their grant in deciding what to pay.

Costs of funeral, burial & cremation

Standard costs we can help with are for funeral, burial and cremation.

Costs of transporting body

We may help with costs of taking the body to place of interment, if death was from qualifying service, and in:

The amount we can cover may depend on the total distance travelled for this. The total distance is calculated as:

  1. vehicle’s start point, to
  2. taking up the body at the hospital, to
  3. taking the body to first transfer, to
  4. taking the body to final transfer, back to
  5. vehicle’s start point.

If total distance doesn’t exceed 35km, we’ll pay reasonable costs of taking the body to burial or cremation.

If total distance exceeds 35km, we’ll pay the lesser of:

  • reasonable cost of carrying the body to the burial or cremation place; or
  • amount equivalent to the reasonable cost of carrying the body back to where the veteran lived (before entering hospital).

Application form

 Application (Funeral expenses) [PDF, 423 KB] may be by the next-of-kin or the estate.

More information

One-page summary

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