Weekly Compensation for Family

If a veteran's death is from Qualifying Operational Service on or after 1 April 1974, family may be able to access support through Family Weekly Compensation. This replaces lost earnings from the veteran.

(Weekly Compensation is a Scheme Two entitlement. Family of veterans with service before 1 April 1974, or in Viet Nam, may qualify for Scheme One entitlements instead).


You may qualify for Family Weekly Compensation if all these apply:

Special rules apply if you’ve reached, or are about to reach, age 65.


 Application form (Weekly Compensation for Family) [PDF, 345 KB] sets out the information we need. This includes evidence of your:

  • relationship to the veteran; and
  • earnings, if applying as a dependant.

Check first with ACC about cover—you may qualify for their Weekly Compensation for Accidental Death. If ACC pays less than we would, we’ll pay the difference. 

Getting paid

Family Weekly Compensation pays a percentage of what the veteran was earning.

  • For spouse/partner — 60%.
  • For child — 20%. (If there’s more than one child, payment is shared equally between them. If the veteran’s partner passes away, rate paid is 80%).
  • For other dependant — 20%. 

Once your claim’s accepted, we’ll need (from  employer or IRD) the veteran's income details:

  • If veteran had employment or PAYE income — earnings in the 12 months before they passed away or became unable to work.
  • If veteran was self-employed or a shareholder — earnings in last full tax-year before they passed away or became unable to work.

Ongoing entitlement

For spouse or partner, entitlement may last:

  • 5 years; or
  • all the time you're caring for the veteran's children under 18 (or the veteran's dependants).

For child, entitlement may last till you turn:

  • 18; or
  • 23, if studying fulltime.

For other dependant, entitlement may last till you:

  • earn over the minimum Weekly Compensation rate; or
  • turn 65.

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