Support for families (Scheme Two)

We may be able to offer support for family of a veteran who:

Survivor’s Grant

If the veteran lost their life from their service, surviving family may claim one-off payments.

Child Care Payments

If the veteran lost their life from their service, surviving children may be able to claim support payments. These are paid for 5 years to children under 14. Special rules may apply if a child turns 14, but:

  • hasn’t had the full 5 years of payment; or
  • needs support because of a physical or mental condition.

Weekly Compensation

Weekly Compensation (Family) may be paid to the spouse or partner, children and dependants, where the veteran's death is linked to qualifying service. It replaces lost earnings from the veteran, so payment is based on a percentage of an earnings-related figure. That figure is either:

  • the veteran’s earnings; or
  • 80% of the average wage (if the veteran was earning less than this).

Financial advice

We’ll pay up to $1,500 towards advice from an authorised financial adviser if:

  • you’re the veteran’s surviving spouse or partner; and
  • you’re awarded Weekly Compensation of at least $15,000, as one lump sum.

Vocational Rehabilitation

As the veteran's spouse or partner you may be able to access training and support back to work, if the veteran:

  • can’t work because of a service-related condition; or
  • lost their life because of qualifying operational service.

It may be accessed, based on an occupational assessment, for up to 3 years (don’t have to be consecutive).


Evidence needed

 We may need evidence of your:

  • relationship to the veteran; and
  • earnings (to show you relied on the veteran financially, if you’re applying as a dependant).

Application forms

More information

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