Children's Bursary

You may qualify for this study payment if the child of a qualifying veteran, and studying at a secondary or tertiary level.


Children covered

To qualify, you must be the child of a veteran who served before 1 April 1974 (or in Viet Nam). This may mean you’re:

  • the veteran’s natural or adopted child; or
  • the child of the veteran’s partner—with the veteran having acted as your parent.

You must also be living in New Zealand, and one of these must apply:

Study covered

Children’s Bursary is for study in New Zealand, at a:

  • tertiary institute (part or full time study); or
  • secondary school (full time study only).

Course providers can confirm if a course is part or full time.


Application Form (Children's Bursary) [PDF, 433 KB] sets out the information and evidence we need. If you’re under 16, your guardian can complete and sign for you.

Getting paid

Payment is made once a year, in each year of study covered.

Payment rate depends on your circumstances, and on the type of study:

  • secondary or tertiary
  • part or full time (for tertiary study). If you change from part to full time in the same year, we may pay the difference between the rates.

Ongoing study

While on an approved course of study, you can stay on Children’s Bursary up to the earlier of:

  • end of the year you finish study; or
  • end of the year you turn 23.

For ongoing payment we’ll need a completed disclosure form each year, to confirm you’re still in an approved course of study. We’ll send the form out to you.

Finding out more

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