If you're unhappy about how we assessed your needs, or which services you're getting or not getting, you can make a complaint.

What our complaints process is for

Our complaints process is for concerns about:

  • how we assessed your needs (for treatment, rehabilitation, or Veterans’ Independence Programme)
  • which services you’re getting (under treatment, rehabilitation or Veterans’ Independence Programme)
  • which journeys we approved (for visiting veterans in long-term care, assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, Travel Allowance, Travel Concession).

How to make a complaint

Use our Complaints Form [PDF, 220 KB] to lodge the complaint.

  • Include enough detail for us to look into what happened
  • Tell us what solution you’d like.

If you need support to fill out the form, or to deal with us:

  • our Complaints Service can help you fill out the form
  • you can appoint a representative to deal with us for you.

What we’ll do about your complaint

Acknowledging your complaint

We’ll acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days of getting it. We may ask you for more information if needed.

Handling your complaint

We may decide not to deal with the issue as a complaint if it:

  • should come under a different process (such as a Review or Appeal process)
  • repeats an earlier complaint that’s been decided
  • doesn’t appear to us to be raised in good faith.

Otherwise, a complaints officer who wasn’t part of the original decision will look into your complaint.

Upholding your complaint

If we uphold your complaint, we’ll then:

  • give you a formal apology
  • explain what happened and how we’ll resolve it
  • help with any further questions or requests you may have
  • explain what you can do if not satisfied
  • draw up, for our staff, any suitable lessons from what happened.

How to resolve other concerns

If your concern doesn't come under our general complaints process, we may be able to suggest other ways of resolving it: