Qualifying for support

We offer support to veterans with qualifying service, who need help for independence or have service-related injuries or illnesses. We may also be able to help their families.

Service must be with the NZ Forces, and be:

Service-related injury or illness not needed

Some support may be accessed even without an injury or illness linked to the qualifying service:

Service-related injury or illness needed

Support may also be accessed for a service-related injury, illness or death. Depending on your situation, such support may include:

We’ll accept an injury, illness or death as service-related in the following situations. 

Conclusively Presumed Injury or Illness — where the injury or illness is on a list of conditions automatically accepted (for a specific deployment).

Paired Organ — where the loss or impairment is to a Paired Organ; and the veteran had already, due to qualifying service:

  • lost the matching organ; or
  • permanently lost the use of the matching organ.

Qualifying Operational Service [PDF, 230 KB] at time of injury, aggravation or death — where one of these applies:

  • the condition (or death) happened during Qualifying Operational Service
  • the condition was aggravated during Qualifying Operational Service—but was recorded before in service medical records
  • the condition was aggravated during Qualifying Operational Service—but the veteran had it before without realising.

Statement of Principles (external link) — where:

Overseas veteran agencies

If you served with another country's forces, you may be able to access support from that country's veteran department, such as: