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For veteran

New Zealand veterans can have a service memorial, if they have:

Where the interment is in a public or private cemetery, we can pay a contribution toward a memorial.

For spouse or partner

The spouse or partner of a New Zealand veteran can have a service memorial, if

  • the veteran has Qualifying Operational Service; and
  • the interment is in a NZ services cemetery.  

We can pay a contribution toward a memorial, for the spouse or partner of a New Zealand veteran, if:

  • the veteran had Qualifying Operational Service, and is interred in a public or private cemetery; and
  • the spouse or partner is interred with the veteran.

To apply

To order a memorial or seek a contribution, use the:

If you don't know the details of the veteran’s service, you can indicate this on the form. We'll seek service information from NZDF Personnel Archives, to confirm both Qualifying Operational Service and service details for the memorial. 


For interment of a qualifying person in a services cemetery, alone or with spouse or partner, we'll meet full cost of:

  • the memorial; and
  • its installation.

Where the interment is in a public or private cemetery, we can contribute up to $1000.

Inscription & design

Personal messages, or additional inscriptions, can't be added to memorials in services cemeteries. These memorials are standardised in both inscription and design, for reasons of equality and uniformity. We'll contact you to confirm inscription details.

Type of memorial used depends on the situation and cemetery. 


Timeframe for installation is usually no more than 8 weeks, from confirmation of order. (Where you can send complete information quickly, timeframe will likely be shorter).

We'll notify you soon after installation (unless an unveiling is planned, and noted in the Memorial Order Form).

For more information

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