Commemorative funding

Veterans and veteran groups may seek funding toward commemorative visits, events and projects:

  • veterans may seek funding for battlefield visits or overseas commemorations
  • veteran groups may seek funding for commemorative projects or reunions.

Funding for individual veterans

Commemorations covered

You may be able to access funding toward: 

  • revisiting battlefield sites
  • attending official commemorations overseas.

The commemoration must relate to a deployment [PDF, 230 KB] on our our list of Qualifying Operational Service.

Veterans covered

To apply, you must be a veteran of:

  • the New Zealand Forces; and
  • the battle or campaign being commemorated.

Funding levels

So that as many veterans as possible benefit, there’s a limit on how much you may claim. Current maximum is $2,500.  

Repeat claims

You can’t claim if you've already had funding at the maximum level—that is:

  • $2,500; or
  • $2,000, if received before 1 July 2016 (being the maximum then claimable).

If your past funding has been below the relevant level, you may claim for the balance remaining from $2,500.

Funding for veteran groups

National reunions & events

Veteran groups may seek funding for national reunions, or similar events, to commemorate significant military anniversaries.

Maximum funding is $10 per veteran, up to a total of $5,000.

Commemorative projects

Veteran groups may seek funding for projects such as exhibitions, memorials, booklets or oral histories. Projects must:

  • be New Zealand-based; and
  • commemorate veterans’ enduring contributions.

Level of funding is dependent on project’s total cost, but may be up to $5,000.

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