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Applications open for 2017 research funding

Updated: Tuesday 12 September 2017

The Veterans’ Health Advisory Panel (the Panel) is now seeking applications from New Zealand-based researchers (individuals or teams) interested in undertaking projects which improve the mental, physical, and social health outcomes of New Zealand veterans.

The Panel welcomes any innovative research proposals that are within the scope of the Guiding Principles. Of particular interest are proposals that address a significant need evident in the New Zealand veteran population and/or utilise and compliment any available pre-collected data relating to veterans’ health and wellbeing.

Please note that as the focus for the 2016 funding round was addressing veterans’ mental health and wellbeing it is unlikely that research with a similar focus will be funded in the 2017 round.

A two stage application process is being used.

Completion of the funding round process, from the public call for applications to contract signing, could take approximately one year. The deadline for Stage One inquiry proposals was noon on Monday 11 September 2017. The panel have extended the deadline by one week to Monday 18 September 2017.

The research application pack includes information on:

  • the type of research we are seeking
  • the funding available 
  • our two stage application process, including the Stage One inquiry proposal format (and template application form)
  • the Panel, and our role in funding research
  • our Guiding Principles for Investment
  • veterans, and the support provided by Veterans’ Affairs
  • Panel contact details and where to send inquiry proposals.

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