Veterans' Medical Research Trust Fund

The primary purpose of the Veterans' Medical Research Trust Fund (the Fund) is to improve the health status of New Zealand veterans by funding relevant research.

The Fund is administered by the Veterans' Health Advisory Panel (the Panel), which is empowered by section 254(2)(d) of the Veterans' Support Act 2014 to invest funds into research into any field of medicine that the Panel considered may be beneficial for veterans.

An update on the current application round.

What type of research can be funded

Research can be funded if it investigates a field of medicine that may benefit New Zealand veterans. When the Panel releases a call for research proposals it will identify the type of research it is interested in funding. 

Guiding Principles for Investment

The Panel has established eight Guiding Principles for Investment to assist it in making robust and transparent investment decisions.

Read the Guiding Principles for Investment. [PDF, 299 KB]

Prior funding

The Panel has nearly completed the 2016 funding round—its first under the Veterans’ Support Act 2014 (the Act). Information on the 2016 successful proposals will be notified in due course.

The Panel has now commenced the 2017 funding round—its second under the Act.

How much is awarded

Levels of funding will be advised when the Panel releases a call for research proposals. The use of co-funding for costly or complex projects is encouraged.

A total funding pool of approximately $100,000 is available in the 2017 funding round, which could be used to fund more than one research proposal. Research proposals over this threshold will need to clearly demonstrate the merits of an increased funding request, and/or co-funding to support the research delivery.

How to apply for funding

The application process has two stages:

  1. project inquiry, and
  2. full project proposal.

Decisions on these are made by the Panel.

Completion of the funding round process, from the public call for applications to contract signing, could take approximately one year.

Project inquiry

The Panel is now seeking applications from New Zealand based researchers (individuals or teams) interested in undertaking projects which improve the mental, physical, and social health outcomes of New Zealand veterans.

An update on the current application round.

Project Proposal

If the Panel agrees your project should be pursued, it will invite you to submit a full project proposal.